Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Can't Believe I Forgot My Bra

Yep. I had it all planned. My running kit was laid out for a week before I left for the North East. All I can think is that it was laid out a little too close to the washing basket and I must have scooped up my running bra with a pile of washing. The result: no running bra in my kit bag when I came to check everything in that far-flung hotel room in Yarm!! Aaaaah. Hubby not happy. Off we went in search of a late night opening of a shop that might sell running bras! I know I'm not big but I just couldn't go without and no amount of helpful suggestions from Hubby helped - 'take out the wire of another bra' 'go without' 'bandage yourself up'!!!! And so on.....
Well, needless to say a rather large supermarket that monopolises the supermarket industry came through with a two-storey unit in Yarm and plenty of bras to choose from.
Next morning, complete kit on I reached the start line of the Great North (or at least my allocated start point - a mile from the actual start!!) and realised I'd left my IPod in my kit bag. Suddenly no bra seemed preferable to no music!!!!!

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