Friday, 16 November 2012

Dieting with 360hft

In an attempt to live by my own words I am bringing my branding in line so to follow the rest of my 360hft diet experience just keep visiting my Facebook page marketingjd. Follow me on Twitter @marketingjd or visit my website:

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dieting to Masterchef

Yes, with hindsight I think I would have perhaps given more thought to my decision to do the 360hft workout while watching Masterchef. As I raised and lowered my legs for the third set of reps it didn't urge me on to watch Greg open his mouth wide to taste a scrumptious looking dessert oozing with sugar and decorated with glittery sugar strands! But to be fair, my first day on the programme was easy. The online regime comprises a short, sharp exercise routine which looks as easy as pie (mmmmmmm....pie) but is actually pretty tough. So tough that when I got up off the floor one of my legs gave way! Directly after the workout Iain's slow, calming voice is a cool-down in itself and then he gives you your nutritional tip for the day. I've done a bit of a 360hft workout before and I know what's coming but my first order of the day was to simply drink more water. Now I should say that this is more difficult for me than it sounds. The last time Iain led a workout session for me and some of my friends we all ached in our thighs the next day which made getting on and off the toilet somewhat of an agonising experience. So putting more water in my diet is well...just cruel! So not too bad on the exercise and only a slight change to my diet. Bring it on day two.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Party Perfect or Party Pants?

Yes 360hft is my client. Yes I know I'm not fat. So now we have those statements out there. I have decided to rise to the challenge of the 360hft Party Perfect Plan and prepare myself for that 'red carpet moment'. never know when Hubby will whisk me off to the next red carpet do face to face interviews for his charity. I know this is a fitness and diet plan run by my client so I should be biased but...I figure Iain Pritchard and his fitness mentoring can only do 30% of the work...the rest has quit a lot to do with me. The success or failure of this challenge is down to me. And just as 'blogging' encouraged me to commit to doing the marathon, so I hope it keeps me on the straight and narrow tape measure that is the Party Perfect Plan. Have I ever been truly fat? Yes. Many many times I have told friends the story of how I met my would-be Hubby at Uni then left him almost immediately to go tour and work America for four months. Terrible diet, including loads of Budweiser, and a flatmate who worked at Dunkin' Donuts where the privileges were...err free donuts of course...led me to put on a few pounds. I arrived home and 'fairly new boyfriend' arrived with his mate on my doorstep to take out the beautiful young student he had wooed 4 months earlier. (MY blog. My recollections!) As I opened the door bestmate (questionable term) turns to said boyfriend and whispers, rather loudly if you ask me: "Eeee she's a whale...let's just drive away!" RUDE! So I have, in my time, found it necessary to *ahem!* lose a pound or two. Christmas is round the corner and in a desperate attempt to avoid the New Year depression emanating from overeating and putting on flab, I have signed up to this programme. This is being supported by Hubby who is determined to get me running again *groan*. The challenge really began last night when, in preparation for the challenge, I adopted just the same tactics as I did for the all the carbs in the house. I mineswept the fridge - both of them - and consumed more cake than I have in weeks! Don't ask why we even had a tonne of cake! And today I logged on to The Party Perfect Plan...