Monday, 6 December 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Running in Blizzards...

So I was obliged to do a 'long run' least 12 miles. By sheer coincidence I had promised a bunch of army lads that I would join them in their 24 hour Row/Cycle to raise funds for Glos Young Carers (as you do!). It all seemed feasible in theory. Well I wasn't going to row for 24 hours - just half an hour. Then I woke up. No, literally - I woke up to a frost covered world, -3 degrees temperature and a very heavy white sky. Still....I'm training for a marathon. I'm hard as nails innit?! So off I trotted up through Upton and on into oblivion. 20 minutes into the run I hit freezing sleet. 40 minutes into the run the ground is like glass. 50 minutes into the run the sun is shining and there's no sign of snow on the ground or in the sky and then at 1 hour and 30 minutes I was running through the arctic - snow 2 inches deep and driving into my face!. How can one small city have so many micro-climates?! But the height of fun came when I slowed to drink from my freezing water bottle and happened to take off my glove. I reached up to adjust my hat and felt something prickly near my neck. I jumped thinking I had a tree branch in my hair but then quickly realised it WAS my hair - snow white and frozen solid. Obviously my first thought at this point was 'I really must get a photo of this...' and I duly did the old 'run and snap' to reveal a photo of an 80 year old woman. No. That was me with frozen hair. OMG! I panicked for the next 10 minutes wondering if my hair would actually snap off..this thought then entertained me for a further 10 minutes especially when I remembered I had to appear in a photo with the said army boys to 'launch' their challenge. I duly succeeded in completing my 12 miles - rushed upstairs and jumped in the shower. AAAAAARGH! If anyone has gotten into a shower with freezing cold thighs and experienced that fast warm up that comes with training the hot shower on them they will understand my scream. I pulled on fresh training gear, dried my hair (which hadn't snapped off thank God) and then drove up to Tesco's where I jumped on the rowing machine for half an hour. Never has a cup of tea tasted so good that lunch-time. And never have I felt so bloody crazy.

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